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Exkursion Albertina (8L1, 8L2)

warter 17 Oktober at 8:31am Lernen



Report on the excursion to the “Albertina” art museum

On the 5th of October, the two classes 8L1 and 8L2 of the “Vienna Ballsportgymnasium” undertook an excursion to the “Albertina” art museum. This was done in the context of the topic “Art attack!” which the students were currently working on in their English class. We were accompanied and supervised by our teachers Professor Zwinger and Professor Medan.

We arrived a bit early which gave us the opportunity to mentally prepare ourselves for what we would experience in the Albertina. When we entered the museum, the big halls with their attractive and ostentatious design and decoration made an intense impression on us. We split up into two groups and met our guides and every student got an audio device through which our guides informed and instructed our two groups.

We had to climb up many stairs after which we found ourselves in front of a big glass door. It marked the beginning of the museum’s permanent collection. This exhibition – with the title “Monet to Picasso” is based on the collection of a family called Batliner – it is one of Europe’s greatest compilations of art of the Modern Era from around 1900 to the 1940s.

Each group started their tour through the exhibition at a different drawing. Each room is dedicated to a certain period and style. The guides explained the background of the most important pieces and what distinguishes them, and informed us about the artists and their life. Then it was the students’ turn to describe the painting and to share their impressions. We saw works by all of the important representatives of the different “schools”. The Impressionists were mostly Frenchman among which many of us favoured Monet and Degas.

Work after work and room after room, both groups of students, teachers and guides made their way through the rooms of the exhibition. The paintings of the German Expressionists were very powerful and partly wild. We were also impressed by the works of the great Austrian painter of that time, Oskar Kokoschka, but also Chagall’s romantic pictures. The end and highlight came with the last part reserved for the probably most famous painter of all times, Pablo Picasso. It was a special feeling for all of us to have these original works of art in front of us.

When we came to the end of the exhibition, the guides asked us to go look in pairs for the drawing we liked the most and then present it to the group. Afterwards each team was photographed in front of the individual favourite piece, a very nice souvenir.

To sum up the experience, it was a great opportunity for us students because we were able to learn about different art periods and to dive into the life and the personality of great artists like Picasso. Furthermore, we got an idea of what to look for in a painting, starting with its message and having an eye for even the smallest detail. The Albertina was a stunning and perfect way to do so.

(Jennifer Schranz, 8L2)