Bio-Englisch Projekt

All Year 6. classes, showcased their skills in an interdisciplinary project of English and biology, when students embarked on a captivating journey through environmental challenges and solutions.

Walking through the exhibition, one was struck by the depth of research and creativity on display. From insightful booths exploring the impact of deforestation to demonstrating the alternatives in solving problems connected to biodiversity or air pollution, each project offered a reflection on our planet’s problems and the potential pathways to change.

The synergy between English and biology was a different approach to usual lessons, challenging students to harness their skills across disciplines to address pressing environmental concerns on a very scientific level.

This mini-science fair was both a success as interdisciplinary collaboration as well as fostering a deeper understanding of and actionable solutions to the environmental challenges facing our world today.

Datum: April 2024
Klasse: 6. Klassen
Lehrender: Michael Zwinger