The ski-week

It was extremely funny and it was very nice to be with all my friends and the other classes together. We made new friends and most of us came out of their comfort zone. Our program was individual. The things we had together were the meal times, the skiing – but this was not on every day – the regeneration and we all had evening program.

We had different skiing groups and our group leader planned the things we made just in our troop. We also had the following activities: ice bathing, photo challenge, thermal baths and hiking. Overall, it was a great week, we learned a few new things, talked and played with students from the seventh and fifth grade and all of us enjoyed the week and came home with lots of great memories.

Thank you all!

Klassen: 1 UE, 5S, 7S
Datum: 02.-05. April 2024
Verantwortliche: Carina Hampl
Verfasserin des Textes: Ruth Pieller (5S1)